The Committee

President: Simeon Keenan

  • An honorary position with no voting rights

Treasurer: Ben

  • Responsible for maintaining the financial accounts and records of the club
  • Ensures appropriate receipts and invoices are received to support payments made on behalf of the club
  • Produces monthly Financial Statements for presentation at Committee meetings
  • Prepares Income & Expenditure and Balance Sheet at the end of the financial year
  • Presents financial accounts at the Annual General Meeting
  • Monthly Banking of any session fees etc   

Chairman: Simeon Keenan

  • Oversees the management of the club
  • Plays an active role in establishing club policies, rules and etiquette
  • Chairs the Committee meetings
  • Attends external meetings

Secretary: Vacant

  • Acts as main contact re communication to and  from other clubs and external organisations
  • Ensures we maintain proper records of DBS checks
  • Responsible for circulating agenda, and taking minutes for Committee meetings
  • Produces draft minutes for review by Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Distributes agreed minutes to all Committee members

Records Officer: Vacant

  • Maintains records of club archers scores and calculates handicaps and classifications
  • Keeps records of the highest scores achieved by club archers re Archerygb and World Archery rounds
  • Awards the ‘Record Officer’s’ cup

Safeguarding Officer: Julie Mills

  • Responsible for ensuring the club adheres to Archerygb child protection & vulnerable adult policies
  • Advises the Committee on child protection/vulnerable adult issues
  • Investigates child protection/vulnerable adult matters on behalf of the club

Club Coach: Simeon Keenan

London Youth Games Team Manager: Simeon Keenan

Ordinary  Members: