Beginner’s Course

Newcomers to archery need to complete a beginners course to learn how to shoot safety.

We run a three week course two hours per week. During the course you will learn archery technique on how to shoot recurve bows with and without a sight. You will learn how to set up archery equipment bows and targets. You will understand the safety protocols and archery etiquette required when shooting at archery clubs. When you finish the course you receive a certificate. After the course you will receive a membership form so if you wish you can join Hillingdon Archery Club.

If you do not join Hillingdon Archery Club after the course then you can take the certificate you receive to any archery club as proof that you have completed your beginners course.

The next beginner’s course starts: TBA.

If you’d like to book a place for the next course or would like to ask a question then please Contact Us about any questions you may have.