252 Award


  1. The attempt for the 252 score must be the first shoot of the day.
  2. 36 arrows (3 doz) for recurve archers to be shot at the specified distance using a 122cm target face and GNAS five zone scoring first 36 arrows count even if part of a round.
  3. Six sighter arrows are permitted which will not count towards the final score.
  4. Once the archer has achieved the minimum required score, the 252 badge may be awarded for that distance
  5. The round can be shoot at the following distances 30yds, 40yds, 50yds, 60yds, 80yds & 100yds.
  6. There is no restriction on the order of distances in which badges are obtained (i.e. a 50yd badge may be obtained before a shorter distance is attempted, which may then be obtained at a later date).
  7. You can only claim one 252 score per day.
  8. Scores to be recorded on Properly Completed Score Sheet

If you want to see the badges you can get for the 252 Award, go have a look at the badges page:

252 awards can also be claimed for Compound, Longbow and Barebow for the below scores. The rest of the rules are the same.