Here are the GNAS classifications of archers indoors and outdoors:

As your handicap improves so does your classification, although the rules are slightly different. While shooting a good score may reduce your current handicap it will not necessarily affect your classification as only certain rounds will qualify. As a beginner almost any round you shoot will count towards a classification if your scores are high enough, but as you progress through the grades fewer of the outdoor rounds qualify. A classification is only valid for one year following the year in which it was attained. To maintain a classification, qualifying scores have to be made each year.

Outdoor Classifications

By default a novice archer is classed as Archer. Successive classifications that can be awarded are 3rd class, 2nd class, 1st class, Bowman, Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman. These classifications (apart from GMB) are also awarded to juniors but there are separate qualifying scores for each age group. When a junior moves to a new age group his/her classification will be be recalculated based on the three best qualifying rounds from the previous 12 months.

Outdoor Classifications can be awarded in each of 5 disciplines; Compound, Recurve, Recurve Barebow, Longbow and FITA Standard Bow (for the FITA Standard Round only). An archer may hold classifications in all disciplines.

For recurve archers, scores and qualifying rounds are shown on the appropriate pages in the GNAS Awards section.The full lists are in section SAP 7 of the GNAS Rules of Shooting.

To qualify for a classification you must shoot 3 qualifying rounds under GNAS rules in a single calendar year at a tournament or club target day. For Master Bowman or Grand Master Bowman they must be shot at meetings held by FITA, FITA members or GNAS, or at National Record Status Meetings.

If you want to see what the badges are for the classifications, check out the badges page: